HeatWorks Tankless Water Heaters

ISI's HeatWorks tankless water heater utilizes a breakthrough in water heating technology. Its patented Direct Resistance technology uses water's natural resistance to heat itself. Water enters the leak-proof HeatWorks unit and a series of electrodes use only the precise amount of electricity needed to heat the water to the desired temperature. Installing a HeatWorks water heater can cut electrical use between 10% to 40% and save up to 10% on water usage compared to an electric tanked water heater. Visit the HeatWorks website for more product information.

The HeatWorks Difference

Existing tankless water heating solutions utilize a method called heat transfer. The basis of heat transfer is a heating element which is heated in an uncontrolled manner, to temperatures at times in excess 600°F. This heat is then transferred to the water you want to use.

Unlike traditional heat transfer water heaters, ISI's patented direct electrical resistance method is able to precisely control power and temperature. Nothing gets hotter than the maximum set point water temperature, ensuring a safe, efficient and reliable operation even at low flow rates. ISI's tankless water heaters can be installed in virtually any residential environment. Visit the HeatWorks website for more product information.